Athens (Total War: Rome II)
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Athens is a sub-faction of the Greek States faction featured in Total War: Rome II. Home to philosophers, inventors, and generals alike, Athens stands free among the Greek states, unhindered by Macedon's rule.

Faction BonusesEdit

Greek States Faction Bonus:

Classical Heritage: +2 to cultural conversion

Fierce Independence: +10% melee defence for all units when fighting in own or allied territory.

Sub-Faction BonusEdit

The Magistrates: The magistrates of Athens have executive powers. Various checks and balances help maintain democracy, but there are times when the system falls under the influence of a single individual who secures total power for himself.

Military Decline: +10% non-mercenary recruitment costs

School of Hellas: +10% research rate

Naval Prowess: +1 experience rank for Athenian ship recruits

Oligarchs: Five hundred citizens make up the Boule, or council, of Athens. Originally a council of nobles, the Boule now has hereditary positions, some elected members and some chosen by lot to serve for a year.

In-game Encyclopedia DescriptionEdit

Athens, home of democracy and learning, is the model of all Classical Greek cultural achievement. Now a free city, Athens could again be the preeminent maritime power in Greece and beyond.

Starting RegionsEdit



Athens begins its campaign at war with the belligerent Epirus, and recently freed from it's Client State treaty with [Macedon (Total War: Rome II)|Macedon]. It may find allies with Sparta, to the south, or with Rome, across the sea. Eventually, Macedon itself must come to heel as well.


Athens' military is by far the most standard Greek roster of all of the playable Greek factions. While Epirus allies itself with the Illyrians to the north, Massilia with the Celts, and Sparta maintains its own unique army, Athens' armies march to battle as they were meant to; armored phalanxes of Hoplites, flanked by light skirmishers and noble cavalry.


The Athenian magistrates are served by their agents: the Royal Spy (Spy), Hero (Champion), and Noblewomen (Dignitary).

Technology TreeEdit

Athenian: Military

Logistics: Unlocks recruiting Champions.

  • Management: Lowers recruitment cost, upkeep costs, and increases military replenishment rate.
  • Tactics: Improves military morale, attack, defense, movement, missile attack. Increases campaign movement range.
  • Siege: Improves sieging tactics, lowers attrition, and lowers siege unit costs.

Athenian: Civil

Land Reclamation: Increases wealth from agriculture and reduces construction costs.

  • Economy: Increases wealth from agriculture, commerce, and tariffs. Increases food produced.
  • Construction: Lowers construction time, cost. Increases wealth from industry. Reduces construction costs.
  • Philosophy: Increases tax rates, public order, cultural conversion. Improves agent actions. Lowers corruption.


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