Assassin or in Islamic version Hashashin is one of the agents of Medieval II: Total War, recruited in Inns (or its next level buildings) or in Islamic version Shisha Den (or its next level buildings). A few nations can recruit assassin in Castles, where Academy is constructed.


Assassins's main purpose is to kill other nation's characters. Assassins can be used to sabotage buildings in other nation settlements. The higher the assassins' subterfuge skill, the higher the chance their missions will succeed.

Assassin AncillariesEdit

Name Building required Chance % Additional conditions Effect Exclude Action
Black Stallion Racing Track OR Stables 100 +25% Movement Points Agent Created
Explosives 50 Turn is higher then 85 +1 Sabotage Mission Succeeded
Prototype Handgun Gunsmith 33 +1 Assassination AND +2 Law Agent Created
Skilled Accomplice Assassins Guild 20 +1 AgentSkill Ended In Settlement
Courtesan Coaching House 20 +1 AgentSkill Catamite Agent Created
Poisoner Master Alchemists Guild 20 +2 AgentSkill NOT Northern European Culture countries Agent Created
Young Apprentice 10 Distance to capital is less then 20 +1 Assassination Catamite Mission Succeeded
Skilled Courtesan Coaching House 10 +2 AgentSkill Agent Created
Exquisite Blade 5 Distance to capitalis more then 55 +1 Assassination Mission Succeeded
Tracking Dog 4 In your own lands. +2 AgentSkill AND +1 LineOfSight AND +1 PersonalSecurity Mission Succeeded
Catamite 3 +1 AgentSkill Young Apprentice Mission Succeeded

Black Stallion and Young Apprentice are both transferable. If the assassin gets too old, transfer to younger assassin.

Assassins traits and gaining subterfugeEdit

Assassin traits good

Max level

Level and effect

How to get
AssassinsGuildTrained 1 +1 AgentSkill If you create assassin in settlement with Assasins(Hashashins) guild.
Assassins(Hashashins) GuildMember 2 +1/+2 AgentSkill If in your faction(NO NEED IN CITY) exist master or HQ Assassin(Hashashins) guild you get those levels when assassin recruited.
GoodSaboteur 3 +1(1)/+2(4)/+3(8) Sabotage If sabotage mission successful then +1point 100%
GoodAssassin 5 +1(1)/+2(2)/+3(4)/+4(8)/+5(16) AgentSkill Success at assassination +1point 100% Antitrait-BadAssassin
NaturalAssassinSkill 3 +1/+2/+3 AgentSkill First level 100% when created, second 33%, and if second comes true then third 33%
GoodConspirator 3 +1(2)/+2(4)/+3(8) AgentSkill When created 20% chance to get +1point, if your sabotage successful then 20% gain +1point. Antitrait BadConspirator

Assassin traits bad

Max level

Level and Effect

How to get

BadAssassin 3 -1(2)/-2(4)/-3(6)  AgentSkill Fail at assasination mission +1point 50%. Antitrait GoodAssasin
BadSaboteur 2 -1(1)/-2(4) Sabotage Fail at sabotage mission +1point 50%
BadConspirator 3 -1(2)/-2(4)/-3(8) AgentSkill Fail at sabotage mission +1point 33%. Antitrait GoodConspirator.

Assassins don't gain more than 10 Subterfuge skill. The best way is to raise Agent Skill traits, because it gives bonuses to both Assassination and Sabotage subterfuge simultaneously. Some traits in tables have numbers in brackets: this denotes how many points one needs to raise skill (for example, to get Good Assassin to the third level, he needs 4 successful kills in row without fail). Antitraits mean that they can replace one trait with another. Example would be if Assassin successfully kill one character and gain first level of GoodAssassin, but then fail assassination three times in row and GoodAssassin is removed and Assissin now gain first level of BadAssassin.

Strategy and tipsEdit

Early game recruit where ever, if possible in minor city with Assassins Guild(to get AssassinsGuildTrained). If playing Islamic nation then in minor city with Racing Track(for 100% ancillary Black Stallion). Late game in large city with Coaching House(for chance to get Courtesan or Skilled Courtesan) and Assassins Guild. In very late game in city with Gunsmith(for Prototype Handgun).

To get to the third level of GoodAssassin Assassin must complete only four successful assassinations. Kill as much characters as possible because to maximize GoodAssassin and possibly gain some ancillaries(see mission success type). I would suggest murdering characters first in close to capital(for Young Apprentice), then far away(for Exquisite Blade). There is no difference between murdering Agents, Generals or captains, so to maximize skills i suggest killing captains, as they have low personal security.

If Assassin maximized GoodAssassin and still wont make to 10 Subterfuge, i suggest do some sabotage missions and raise GoodConspirator trait.

In late game when you have Assassin Guild HQ, you will gain at very least 4 Subterfuge, if Assassin is recruited in city with Assassins Guild(you don't need to recruit in city with Assassin Guild HQ, any Assassins Guild will do). 1 Subterfuge from AssassinsGuildTrained, 2 Subterfuge from Assassins(Hashashins) GuildMember and at very least 1(or more) Subterfuge NaturalAssassinSkill.

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