Arquebusiers (Lithuania)
Lithuanian Arquebusiers
Appears in Kingdoms
Belongs to Lithuania
Type Gunpowder infantry
Weapon(s) Arquebus
Soldiers in each unit 60
Attack skill 5 (melee)

16 (missile)

Charge bonus 2
Hitpoints 1
Armor 0
Defense skill 2
Shield bonus 0
Tech requirement Requires that Lithuania be Christian and that gunpowder be discovered
Special abilities Effective against armor; Combat bonus in snow
Cost 530

With Lithuanias conversion to Christianity, they have not only gained a new faith, but a wealth of new technologies, gunpowder being one of them. Their implementation of this technology is very much the same as that of their Northern European counterparts, as is the deadly effect of the finished product when fired at close to moderate range.

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