Armenia (Total War: Rome II)
Armenia Rome II
Culture Eastern

Faction BonusesEdit

Eastern Empires (Total War: Rome II) Faction Bonus:

Great Marksmen: +25% ammunition for all units.

Persian Trade Heritage: +10% wealth from all commerce buildings.

Sub-Faction BonusEdit

Orontid Dynasty: Due to its strategic location, the Kingdom of Armenia was much coveted by foreign empires. It both enjoyed and endured different states of independence throughout its history. At the time of Rome's succession troubles it was a client state, existing in uneasy alliance with the Romans.

Bridge Builders: Minor diplomatic bonus with all Hellenistic and eastern factions (cultural affinity).

Landlocked: +10% naval unit recruitment costs.

A Proud People: +10% morale for all units during battles within owned territory.

Other Families:The leading families of provinces benefit from the empire, and are united at court by a shared culture. The royal household serves as a crucible for the otherwise disparate nobility.

In-game Encyclopedia DescriptionEdit

For centuries Armenia has nurtured the spark of greatness, waiting for the right moment to turn it in to flames. Since the days of its first great empire it has come under the sway of foreign powers on no less than three occasions, but with each successive setback it has grown stronger by learning from its oppressors.

Now a sophisticated, well positioned kingdom, Armenia has taken advantage of Seleucid distractions to declare independence once more. Maintaining this freedom whilst competing with the growing Parthian threat is the final obstacle, the challenge through which Armenia will prove itself worthy of empire’s glorious mantle once more!

Starting RegionsEdit

Armavir, Arsamosata, Tushpa


Armenia starts its campaign with enemies to the north in Caucasia, and multiple large, strong empires to the west, including Pontus and the Seleucid Empire.


The Armenian military roster includes a number of effective archer units, mounted and foot. Passable infantry and above-average cavalry make for a maneuverable force that can excel at raiding tactics.


The Orontid Dynasty is served by their agents: the Spy (Spy), Warlord (Champion), and Druid (Dignitary).

Technology TreeEdit

----: Military

: Unlocks recruiting Champions.
  • Management: Lowers recruitment cost, upkeep costs, and increases military replenishment rate.
  • Tactics: Improves military morale, attack, defense, movement, missile attack. Increases campaign movement range.
  • Siege: Improves sieging tactics, lowers attrition, and lowers siege unit costs.

----: Civil

: Increases wealth from agriculture.
  • Economy: Increases wealth from agriculture, commerce, and tariffs. Increases food produced.
  • Construction: Lowers construction time, cost. Increases wealth from industry. Reduces construction costs.
  • Philosophy: Increases tax rates, public order, cultural conversion. Improves agent actions. Lowers corruption.


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