For the similarly named Empire: Total War unit, see Firelock Armed Citizenry.

Armed Citizenry

France Armed Citizenry NTW

Austria Armed Citizenry NTW

Britain Armed Citizenry NTW

Prussia Armed Citizenry NTW

Russia Armed Citizenry NTW

Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to All factions except the Ottoman Empire
Type Mob
Ammunition 3
Soldiers in each unit 40/80/120/160
Melee attack 3
Charge bonus 1
Defense skill 3
Morale 4
Range 80
Accuracy 25
Reloading 5
Produced from Spawns in region capitals
Special abilities
  • Can Guard
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Grappling Hooks
Cost None
Upkeep None
Turns to Train None
Unit Cap None

Armed Citizenry are a type of mob in Napoleon: Total War.


In times of desperation, the people must defend their homes and loved ones from the monstrous, rapacious attacks of foreigners!

Armed citizenry are a mob, given whatever guns are to hand, with brief training that the muzzle end is to be pointed towards the foe. Weapons do not make soldiers, and arming the people is an act of desperation. On the battlefield, the citizenry are unlikely to do much to damage an enemy, but the size of the mob can at least cause the foe problems. This can give real soldiers enough time to win the battle, or make the enemy pay heavily for their victory.

Historically, arming the people was something that really scared the authorities in every nation, particularly if the population hated the existing regime. It was not wise to supply an angry population with weapons, when these might be turned on the rulers, rather than foreigners. When Austria decided to create landwehr or militia forces, it was careful to exclude many regions from the decision as the loyalty of Austria’s many different ethnic groups could not always be guaranteed.

General InformationEdit

Armed Citizenry are free mobs that spawn when most region capitals are attacked. The number varies from region to region. Generally, the larger and wealthier a region is, the more mobs it grants. Home regions for major factions generally spawn many armed citizenry. Corsica would be lucky to have five regiments, while France can have a full stack of twenty. They are represented on the world map as grey tabs underneath a region capital's flag (where regular units are displayed as gold tabs). The amount of armed citizenry available also depends on the number of regiments already in the region capital. If a region capital is capable of supplying five mobs of armed citizenry, but the army deployed there already has 19 regiments, then only one mob will be provided; the cap of twenty regiments per army still applies. They do not spawn to defend a capital in the case of revolutions or rebellions. As they spawn for free and disappear after battles, they are completely expendable.

As with other mobs, armed citizenry have terrible stats across the board. They don't inflict much damage at range or in a melee, have barely any ammunition, and they break very easily. This last point is a danger to other units: a couple of fleeing regiments of Armed Citizenry could very well start a chain rout for all friendly units in the area, citizenry or not.

That being said, armed citizenry do have their uses. They absorb damage as well as any other unit, and are useful as sacrificial meat shields. When hiding behind walls or guarding forts, they can keep superior forces at bay for quite some time. When adequately supported by a regular army, they can score a few additional kills and block retreats. Finally, they're useful as distractions, forcing enemy regiments to chase them around the map.

With the exceptions of the Ottoman Empire. the Bedouin, and the Mamelukes, all factions have access to Armed Citizenry, and their stats are all identical.


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