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The Arevaci are a Celt-Iberian tribe in central Iberia. A strong, warlike people, the Arevaci nevertheless promote unity among the Iberian people, and seek to expand the reach of all the Iberian tribe throughout the world.

Faction BonusesEdit

Iberian Tribes Faction Bonus:

Horsemanship: +1 experience rank for cavalry recruits

Warrior Society: +1 public order for every war against a neighboring faction.

Sub-Faction BonusEdit

Elder Chiefs:The Arevaci are a Celtic people who settled in the centre of the Iberian peninsula around 1000BC. Although chiefly concerned with the farming of livestock, they are also highly militaristic and expansionist in outlook. The elders are their wisest men. Horse Nobility: +10% morale for all cavalry units

One People: Major bonus (+25) to diplomacy with all Iberian factions.

Our Land: Public order penalty (-4 maximum) from presence of foreign cultures.

Other Chiefs: The chiefs are the wisest, most experienced men of the Celtiberian confederation of tribes, most qualified to rule and provide counsel when necessary.

In-game Encyclopedia DescriptionEdit

The Arevaci are a warlike people. From their Celtic origins in northern central Iberia, they have expanded east and southwest through migration and conquest, displacing a number of other tribes in the process. Their capital is Numantia, east of the great 'Meseta Central' plateau that runs through the heart of Iberia. The region's topography lends itself to the mass 'transhumance', or livestock migration, to the grassy lowlands of the Ebro valley, which provides the Arevaci's chief food supply. Chiefly a militaristic society, they also hold the rite of 'excarnation', the practice of leaving dead warriors' bodies on their funeral litters so flesh and organs can be stripped by vultures.

However, foreign superpowers now gather at the borders of Arevaci lands. On the fringes of the peninsula, the 'civilised' men of Africa and Italy grow restless. Iberia is a melting pot of tensions; several factions vie for control of the region. Even with their superb knowledge of the terrain, excellent fighting prowess, and strong alliances with other tribal peoples taken into account, can the Arevaci stave off the imperialist ambitions of Carthage and Rome indefinitely?

Starting RegionsEdit




Despite their Celtiberian origins, the Arevaci have only have access to Iberian units for their armies, initially. Lucklily, Iberian units are excellent skirmishers as well as front line warriors; their main infantry are armed with javelins with twice the range of other infantry javelins, and are equally as deadly in battle with their deadly trademark Falcata swords. Due to their mixed blood, they are capable of forming tribal confederations with both Iberian and Celtic tribes, expanding their unit roster across two cultures.


The Elder Chiefs are served by their agents: the Spy (Spy), Warlord (Champion), and Druid (Dignitary).

Technology TreeEdit

Arevaci: Military

Supply Foraging: Unlocks recruiting Champions.

  • War Exercises: Lowers recruitment cost, upkeep costs, and increases military replenishment rate.
  • Warrior Code: Improves military morale, attack, defense, movement, missile attack. Increases campaign movement range.
  • Siege: Improves sieging tactics, lowers attrition, and lowers siege unit costs.

Arevaci: Civil

Celtic Field System: Increases wealth from agriculture.

  • Tribal Economy: Increases wealth from agriculture, commerce, and tariffs. Increases food produced.
  • Construction: Lowers construction time, cost. Increases wealth from industry. Reduces construction costs.
  • Tribal Council: Increases tax rates, public order, cultural conversion. Improves agent actions. Lowers corruption.


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