Archers (Western Roman Empire)
Archers (WRE)
Appears in Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion
Belongs to Western Roman Empire
Type Missile Infantry
Weapon(s) Bow, Dagger
Soldiers in each unit 80
Attack skill 2 (Melee); 5 (Missile)
Charge bonus 1
Hitpoints 1
Armor 3
Defense skill 3
Shield bonus 0
Special abilities Combat bonus in woods; Can use flaming missiles; Can sap; Can swim; Fast moving
Cost 220

Centuries of warfare have taught the Roman army the value of archers. These men wear no armour as they are not expected to fight in melee.

While archers from the eastern parts of the Empire are equipped with composite bows, those raised in the Western areas are armed with the simple self bow, carved from a single piece of wood. While the self bow is not as powerful as a compound bow, it does have one major advantage over the Eastern weapon: it is not useless in the damp conditions of western and northern Europe! Bowstrings will always stretch and become useless when wet, but a compound bow will actually fall to pieces as the glue used to make it weakens as the damp gets in. A self bow has nothing to "go wrong" when it gets damp, and need only to be dried out to be as good as new, an important consideration for any Western Roman soldier.

Even so, these archers are a supporting arm to other troops, and are not expected to stand and fight. They wear no armour so that they can move swiftly in battle.