Archers (Macedon)
Macedonian Archers
Appears in Rome: Total War
Belongs to Macedon
Type Archer Infantry
Weapon(s) Bow
Soldiers in each unit 80
Attack skill 3 (Melee)

7 (Missile)

Charge bonus 1
Hitpoints 1
Armor 0
Defense skill 2
Shield bonus 0
Special abilities Combat bonus in woods; Can use flaming missiles; Fast moving; Can sap
Cost 190
Upkeep 170

Archers are rightly feared for the casualties they can inflict, but they are vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat.

They are drawn from the peasant classes of all societies, as these are people who need to be skilled hunters in order to survive. Learning to use a bow well is something that takes a lifetime and constant practice, and putting food on the table provides good practice.

They are best used to weaken enemy formations, or placed in a spot where they can retreat and find protection from other troops.