Anti-French Propaganda
Anti-French Propaganda NTW
Prerequisite Anti-French Sentiment
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Court of Justice
Leads To None
Stream Civil
  • +1 to persuasion for provocateurs or priests converting regions to your political alignment
  • Spawns provocateurs. Maximum number: +1
  • Spawns priests. Maximum number: +1
Anti-French Propaganda is a civil technology in The Peninsular Campaign.


Mocking and vilifying an enemy is a vital part of warfare. People have to be convinced that their enemies are monsters, given to all manner of terrible crimes and yet their leaders are foolish straw men to be laughed at. To repeat this message definitely helps stoke the patriotic fires. Anything that can attract recruits is a sound investment in wartime, and this anti-French campaign of merciless mockery, misinformation and exaggeration helps improve the replenishment rate of irregular troops.

Historically, most Britons accepted the image of Napoleon as a ‘Corsican Ogre’ without question. Nursery rhymes warned naughty children that Napoleon, “Limb from limb, will tear you, Just as pussy tears a mouse.” This kind of imagery was hardly needed in Spain, where the brutal anti-guerrilla tactics of the French army provided bloody grist to the mill of popular opinion. The Spaniards hardly needed to do more than repeat the juicier war stories of French cruelty, whilst carefully excusing their own patriotic banditry against the French. As the little war spiralled out of control, propaganda that cast the French in the worst possible light helped to bolster Spanish hatred and eagerness to be part of the struggle.

General InformationEdit

Anti-French Propaganda causes more provocateurs and priests to spawn, as well as improving their ability to convert regions to anti-French allegiance. The bonus to persuasian stacks with the effects of Anti-French Sentiment.

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