Alpis Graia is a playable map in Total War: Arena.


This transalpine pass provides a traversable path to the army that has the strength of will to endure the savage conditions, and a leader capable of maintaining the morale of his men. Terrain here is diverse, contrasting the pleasantly walkable road at the bottom of the valley with the steep slopes and chokepoints higher up, at the base of the mountains.

Key FeaturesEdit

  • We will either find a way, or make one – The road through the valley offers the most direct route to the enemy, but be wary of potential ambushes easily set up along this path. Perhaps you may find better ways to gain the upper hand by making your way across the mountainous slopes further up?
  • May your blood run cold – Beware of the slopes, however, as there are points of the map where nobody should feel safe; cliffs and ledges are always looming around you, long grass hides traps, and the forests creep their way down the mountain. The chill of death is ever-present here.
  • Dead in the water – The central pond provides an obstacle only fordable at a few areas around its edge. Travelling through it, therefore, runs the risk of getting caught with no escape, yet plenty of flourishing flora surrounding it can allow your units to advance unnoticed. That is, of course, so long as you stay wary of who controls the watchtower overlooking the area.


Historically, this area is regarded as part of the most likely route Hannibal took through the Alps, and specifically this valley is where his army was ambushed by the Centrones. The modern day location is Little St. Bernard Pass. Further on from here is where the Romans later built a military settlement called Augusta Praetoria. These are themes reflected in the art of the map.

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