Afrancescado Propaganda
Afrancesado Propaganda NTW
Prerequisite None
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Magistrate
Leads To Bonapartist Propaganda
Stream Civil
  • +1 to persuasion for provocateurs or priests converting regions to your political alignment
  • Spawns provocateurs. Maximum number: +1
Afrancesado Propaganda is a civil technology in The Peninsular Campaign. It is available exclusively to France.


A landowner’s word has weight among his people, and this can help convert a region to a pro-French alignment.

At best, most Spaniards dislike the French. There are some, the Afrancesados, who see merit in the Revolution and in Bonapartism. Many are members of the gentry who followed French customs during the time of Carlos III. They now hope to lead Spain into a new age of Enlightenment. With the help of these Spanish sympathisers, the French have a much easier time persuading the population that French rule is worthwhile. Controlling a region can become significantly easier.

“Afrancesado” is a Spanish term for those people who followed French fashions and customs. It quickly changed into a term, of disapproval usually, for those members of the Spanish gentry who swore allegiance to the new, French-imposed, King Joseph. The Afrancesados tried to argue their case, and even had a hand in the creation of the Spanish Constitution of 1812, but to little effect. Once it became clear that Napoleon’s armies had lost control in Spain the Afrancesados were forced to flee, protected by Jean-Baptiste Jourdan’s army.

General InformationEdit

Afrancescado Propaganda is an early game technology available to France, increasing the effectiveness provocateurs and increasing their cap on spawning slightly. This is a powerful tool for France, as it begins the Peninsular Campaign with multiple regions sporting high unrest.

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