Advanced Guerrilla Training
Advanced Guerilla Training
Prerequisite Guerrilla Training Network
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Drill School
Leads To None
Stream Military
  • +2 experience to guerrilla recruits
  • -15% upkeep costs for guerrilla units
Advanced Guerrilla Training is a military technology in The Peninsular Campaign.


An advanced training network can school the local people in guerrilla tactics, giving them the organisation to become much more than an angry mob.

This advanced training gives guerrilla units significant skills, making them well-prepared for battle. Guerrillas are natural fighters, but a little extra practice will get rid of some of their rough edges and make them much more effective in formal battle. A little gold and a few advisory officers and sergeants can, with the support of the Spanish people, create a relatively large force of fighters.

Historically, guerrillas had a romantic image of being hunters and brigands who spent long years honing their skills in the mountains of Spain. Usually, however, they were simply people who had decided to take up arms for revenge, to protect their families and neighbours, and out of a sense of patriotism. It was not unusual for guerrilla leaders, despite their savage reputations, to have come from an educated background: medical men and priests were to be found leading “brigands” from the front!

Genera lnformationEdit

Without exception, guerrilla units are statistically inferior to their professionally fielded forces. This technology helps them even the odds by granting them extra experience when recruited. Additionally, it lowers their recruitment cost significantly, making training them easier.

Advanced Guerrilla Training stacks with the effects of Guerrilla Training Network, granting a total of +3 experience. This boost only affects guerrillas obtained after the technology is researched; guerrillas obtained beforehand are unaffected.

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