Admiral's Flagship, 1st Rate Icon
Admiral's Flagship, 1st Rate
Admiral's Flagship, 1st Rate
Belongs to All factions
Crew 267
Guns 106 (49 on each side, 4 bow chasers,four stern chasers)
Firepower 2488
Range 400
Accuracy 30
Reloading skill 10
Hull strength 8948
Speed 14
Maneuverability Low
Tech requirement None
Produced from Steam Drydock
Special abilities Top Gallants
Cost 3560 SP/3020 MP
Upkeep 890

Admiral's Flagship, 1st Rate is a ship type in Empire: Total War.


The first rate is the largest type of "ship of the line", intended to be the command ship at the centre of any fleet.

While these warships are among the most powerful vessels afloat, they are poor sailors, being both slow and unresponsive. This is not a serious shortcoming because, armed with around 100 cannons firing 32, 24 and 18-pounder balls on their three decks, they can fire a terrible and destructive broadside. They carry a crew of over 800 sailors, gunners and marines and have more artillery than most land armies. Their cost, however, is a drawback and few navies can afford to build or maintain more than a handful of them. Their great size, however, means that an admiral and his staff can be carried with little disruption to the normal working of the ship.

One first rate flagship never even reached the sea! The British Royal Navy’s HMS St Lawrence was built, launched and served only on Lake Ontario. Shallow rapids meant that few vessels could reach the lake from the sea, and Niagara Falls prevented any ship from leaving the lake in the other direction.

General InformationEdit

The Admiral's Flagship, 1st Rate is similar to a regular First Rate Ship of the Line, but boasts better hull strength in exchange for higher construction and upkeep costs. It is thus very durable and packs one of the most powerful broadsides in the game. It has four powerful cannons at both its prow and stern, making it difficult to approach (by ships with equivalent range) without taking damage. However, it has very poor speed and rather poor range, making it vulnerable to kiting from smaller, faster vessels.

Some factions' ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed).

Type Accuracy Reload Skill Hull Strength Speed Morale Cost Upkeep
Standard 30 10 8948 12 12 3560 890
France 40 10 9062 13 12 3590 890

Great Britain

30 25 9408 12 13 3630 900
Spain 30 10 8948 12 12 3550 880
United States 30 20 9408 12 13 3610 900
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