Abolition of the Inquisition
Abolition of the Inquisition NTW
Prerequisite None
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Tax Office
Leads To None
Stream Civil
  • +1 happiness in all your regions (all classes)
Abolition of the Inquisition is a civil technology in The Peninsular Campaign. It is available exclusively to France.


The abolition of this fanatical arm of the Church lifts a shadow from Europe, and will be met with relief by the guilty and the innocent alike!

The once powerful Inquisition no longer has the hold over the hearts of the Catholic faithful that it once did. France’s removal of its power in areas under their control does much to reduce unrest. The French may be disliked, but the Inquisition was always feared, because no man could ever consider himself truly safe from its attentions. The Inquisition’s purpose of hunting out heresy and wrong thinking has done much to hold back the influence of the Enlightenment, and much to make Spain a very conservative society.

Historically, Spain always had a strong Catholic identity after the Reconquista, and the Inquisition was charged with investigating and rooting out anyone who would threaten the Catholic faith. When Napoleon placed his brother, Joseph Bonaparte, upon the throne, he quickly set about making drastic changes to bring Spain into line with France’s rules. Apart from abolishing the Inquisition, he also introduced other progressive reforms to improve the life of Spanish civilians. While welcome in France, the reforms had a mixed reception in Spain. The passing of the feared Inquisition was not widely mourned.

General InformationEdit

In The Peninsular Campaign, the Abolition of the Inquisition is a powerful early technology for France to research: most of its regions suffer from high levels of unrest, so researching this technology can help many regions be brought under control and at the very least greatly decreases town watch costs.

Together with Repressive Measures, Abolition of the Inquisition can greatly aid in French efforts to control the map, controlling regions and freeing troops for uses outside of garrison duty. One or two points of happiness may not look substantial, but at the beginning of the campaign it can make the difference between a region in open rebellion and one that is under control.

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