80-gun Steam Ship
80-gun Steam Ship NTW
Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to Most factions
Crew 223
Guns 80 (38 on each side, 2 stern chasers, 2 bow chasers)
Firepower 2236
Range 450 (round shot)/350 (chain shot)/150 (grape shot)
Accuracy 40
Reloading skill 15
Hull strength 2100
Speed 18 (19)
Maneuverability Low
Morale 10
Tech requirement Uniform Armament, Screw Propeller
Produced from Steam Drydock
Cost 2550
Upkeep 630
Turns to Train 8
Unit Cap None
80-gun Steam Ship NTW Icon
The 80-gun Steam Ship is a type of steam ship of the line in Napoleon: Total War.


A steamship has sails but the engine gives it the tactical ability to ignore the wind in battle.

By having a good weight of broadside that can be brought to bear regardless of wind conditions, this 80-gun ship is a significant force in any fleet. The ability to sail directly into the wind is something that no sail-powered vessel can ever match.

The idea of going into battle with a fire raging in his ship’s belly was not one that appeals to every captain. Fire was always a risk aboard a wooden vessel, and boiler explosions were not unknown. There was also the problem of coaling stations: while these ships carried sails, they did need regular supplies of coal. Steam was a tactical advantage, not a strategic one.

Historically, the first British ship to be designed and built from scratch to use steam was HMS Agamemnon, laid down in 1852; previous steam warships were conversions from sailing ships-of-the-line. Agamemnon was fitted with sails and carried 91 guns. She also had a short career as the Navy’s pride and joy, as she was paid off in 1862. She did, however, help lay the first Transatlantic telegraph cable in 1857-8.

General InformationEdit

80-gun Steam Ships bear a strong resemblance statistically to 80-gun ships-of-the-line, with identical numbers in terms of guns, crew, accuracy, and reloading. However, 80-gun steam ships have superior firepower per cannon, better hull strength, and higher speed. Above all, as steam ships, they can move quickly regardless of whether or not they sail with the wind. However, they are significantly more expensive, and their technology and building requirements relegate them to the late game.

In the end game, when Iron Plating is finished researching, 80-gun steam ships are supplanted by Ironclads as the dominant steam ship type. Ironclads have far better hull strength, and are identical in all other stats save having slightly poorer, but still very respectable speed. However, 80-gun steam ships are far cheaper than Ironclads, and as long as they don't take too much punishment, they can fulfill their roles on the battlefield just as ably. 

Some factions' ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed).

Faction Accuracy Reloading Hull Strength Speed Morale Cost Upkeep
France 50 15 2100 19 10 2620 SP/3240 MP 650
Great Britain 40 25 2190 18 12 2480 SP/3050 MP 620
General 40 15 2100 18 10 2550 SP/3150 MP 630
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