8-lber Foot Artillery
8-lber Foot Artillery NTW
Appears in Napoleon: Total War, The Peninsular Campaign
Belongs to All Western Factions
Type Foot Artillery
Guns 1/2/3/4 (6 men each)
Firepower 20
Range 520 (Round Shot), 135 (Canister Shot)
Accuracy 60
Reload 40
Melee attack 2
Charge bonus 3
Defense skill 4
Morale 3
Produced from Cannon Foundry (Napoleon: Total War), Barracks (The Peninsular Campaign)
Shot Types Round Shot, Canister Shot
Cost 680 SP/840 MP
Upkeep 170
Turns to Train 3
Unit Cap None
8-lber Foot Artillery NTW Icon
8-lber Foot Artillery are a type of foot artillery in Napoleon: Total War.


Foot artillery batteries are the core of an army on campaign: cannons win battles.

Despite the name, foot artillery batteries are towed by horses. The artillerymen, however, march alongside their pieces rather than ride. Because the guns can be loaded with round or canister shot they are effective at long and short range: canister shot turns cannons into gigantic fowling pieces. Artillery is slower than the rest of the army and, if left behind and undefended, will be vulnerable to cavalry attacks. Disabling the enemy’s guns should always be a high priority for a general, and artillerymen only have the most rudimentary sword skills for their defence.

By the late eighteenth century, improvements in artillery design had drastically reduced the weight of cannons and their field carriages. Design improvements had reduced the time to get into action from the march. By carefully positioning the barrel in the centre of the gun carriage, the balance, and manoeuvrability of guns was significantly improved. Napoleon was an artilleryman, and his use of guns in concentration against small parts of the enemy battle line persuaded many nations to increase the size of their own artillery corps.

General InformationEdit

Available only to France, 8-lbers are a type of artillery with firepower, range, and accuracy all being somewhere between 6-lber Foot Artillery and 12-lber Foot Artillery. They are a good compromise of range, firepower, and accuracy, though as with all compromises they do not possess the best traits in any single area. Thanks to 8-lbers, France has a more flexible cannon artillery roster than other factions. 

One useful aspect about their varying ranges are that a mixed battery of 6-lbers, 8-lbers and/or 12-lbers automatically stagger their fire as a target approaches them, greatly reducing the window of time when they are vulnerable as they reload at different intervals. 

In the Egyptian Campaign, 12-lbers are not available to France; therefore, 8-lbers are the heaviest artillery available.

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