For the similar Empire: Total War unit, see Fourth Rate Ship of the Line.

50-gun Ship-of-the-Line
50-gun Ship-of-the-Line NTW
Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to Most factions
Crew 147
Guns 50 (23 on each side, 2 stern chasers, 2 bow chasers)
Firepower 1424
Range 450 (round shot)/350 (chain shot/150 (grape shot)
Accuracy 40
Reloading skill 15
Hull strength 1160
Speed 14 (15)
Maneuverability Low
Morale 9
Produced from Drydock
Cost 1020
Upkeep 250
Turns to Train 8
Unit Cap None
50-gun Ship-of-the-Line NTW Icon
The 50-gun Ship-of-the-Line, or the 50-gun Fourth Rate for Great Britain, is a type of ship of the line in Napoleon: Total War.


This is the smallest vessel styled a “ship-of-the-line” of battle, carrying some 50 long guns.

Ships-of-the-line are the mainstay of fighting fleets; they are strong and stable gun platforms for battering enemy fleets to pieces. A 50-gun ship-of-the-line is a square-rigged, two-deck vessel, carrying two calibres of cannon: 24- and 18-pounders, with the heavier guns mounted on the lower deck. Though cheap compared to other two-deck warships, their broadside is still effective at close range, and best employed against frigates and smaller craft. A 50-gun ship should not be expected to last long in combat against larger battleships.

By the 1750s it was obvious that 50-gun ships lacked the hull strength and firepower to stand in the line of battle against larger vessels. Because of their size, there was a new production of British 50-gun ships to serve in shallow coastal waters during the American Revolution but, apart from this, their usefulness in battle was largely over. Various national admiralties removed these small battle ships from active service, or sent them to minor overseas stations where they were unlikely to encounter powerful enemies. Some survived as converted troop transports.

General InformationEdit

50-gun ships-of-the-line are some of the few ship types that France can't build, but most factions can. This is of small loss to France as they have many unfavorable characteristics. As the smallest ship type classified as a "ship of the line", they carry a low number cannons and have a weak hull. An awkward compromise of speed, firepower and durability, 50-gun ships-of-the-line are outclassed or equalled in every way by the more powerful yet more nimble 64-gun ships-of-the-line. Their only advantage is their slightly lower cost. Despite their low number of cannon and weak hulls, 50-gun ships-of-the-line are among the slowest ships in the game, being barely faster than ships such as 106-gun ships-of-the-line.

For most factions, 50-gun ships-of-the-line are the lightest ships that have only 450 range for its round shot. Frigates can therefore outrange this ship type and harass with impunity if they are controlled carefully. 50-gun ships-of-the-line are relatively heavy ships that have the superior chain shot range of 350, though, so they can be a good ship for destroying enemy sails and masts. 

Great Britain's ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed).

Faction Reloading Hull Strength Morale Cost
Great Britain 25 1210 11 1000/1200 MP
General 15 1160 9 1020 SP/1230 MP
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