33rd Foot
33rd Foot
Appears in Empire: Total War
Belongs to Great Britain
Type Line Infantry
Weapon(s) Musket
Soldiers in each unit 40/80/120/160
Melee Attack 10
Charge bonus 12
Defense skill 14
Morale 9
Range 70
Accuracy 40
Reloading 25
Tech requirement Cadenced Marching
Produced from Barracks
Special abilities
  • Can guard
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Grappling hooks
  • Resistant to morale shocks
  • Plug Bayonet
Cost 1140
Upkeep 280
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap 1
33rd Foot Icon
The 33rd Foot are a regiment of line infantry in Empire: Total War. They can be obtained only through the Elite Units of America DLC, by Great Britain.


These troops are responsible for holding the line, equally skilled using their bayonets or firing massed volleys.

The 33rd Foot are known as the "Pattern" for their stoic professionalism in battle; they are able to calmly pick targets and fire on them even while skirmishers shots whiz past their ears, artillery shells explode around them and cavalry charges bear down upon them. To guard against such devastating enemy charges they can move from line to square formation.

The 33rd Foot was originally raised in 1702 as the Earl of Huntingdon's regiment of foot. It was not until 1751, when all regiments were numbered rather than taking their General's name, that it became the 33rd foot. They left England for America in May of 1776 and were part of the forces that besieged Charlestown. They joined Howe's New York campaign and took part in a number of key battles including Brandywine. Despite losses the 33rd Foot were able to break the American line, pursuing them for a full 2 miles. The regiment eventually became "The Duke of Wellington's", the only unit in the British army to honour a non royal.

General InformationEdit

Recruitable only in England and available only to Great Britain, the 33rd Foot are unique Line Infantry. The 33rd Foot is very similar to line infantry in terms of statistics, with slightly worse defence and reloading speed but better morale and melee. Uniquely for a DLC regiment, the 33rd Foot can be recruited immediately at the beginning of the Grand Campaign. Like most DLC regiments, only one regiment can be recruited.

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