20-lber Unicorn
20-lber Unicorn NTW
Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to Russia
Type Foot Artillery, Howitzer Artillery
Guns 1/2/3/4 (6 men each)
Firepower 18
Range 550 (Explosive Shells), 100 (Canister Shot)
Accuracy 30
Reload 35
Melee attack 2
Charge bonus 3
Defense skill 3
Morale 3
Produced from Engineer School
Special abilities
Shot Types Explosive Shells, Canister Shot
Cost 1210
Upkeep 300
Turns to Train 3
Unit Cap None (SP)/4 (MP)
20-lber Unicorn NTW Icon
10-lber Unicorn is a type of howitzer foot artillery in Napoleon: Total War.


Wonderfully versatile and breathtakingly powerful, the unicorn is the crowning achievement of Russian artillery.

This impressive piece of artillery, named for the unicorn traditionally engraved on the barrel, has fantastic range capabilities and fires a wide array of shot types. A howitzer and cannon hybrid, the unicorn is operated by skilled artillerymen who, although expertly trained in the firing of cannons, lack skills required for effective defence in melee. However, the power and versatility of the unicorn guns on the battlefield more than make up for this weakness.

The first unicorn was cast by Andrey Chokhov, a Russian gun founder who began his career during the reign of Ivan the Terrible (1547-84). He supervised the creation of many of Russia’s most famous artillery pieces including the behemoth “Tsar Pushka”, or Tsar Cannon. This masterpiece was commissioned by Tsar Feodor and weighed a whopping 38 metric tons. It originally sat on a wooden carriage that was later destroyed during Napoleon’s attack on Moscow in 1812. It now sits in the Kremlin next to the “Tsar Bell”, the biggest bell ever made but never rung.

General InformationEdit

20-lber Unicorns are the second-longest ranged howitzers in the game by a considerable margin, behind bombardment mortars. Their accuracy is somewhat poorer than that of their smaller cousins, the 10-lber Unicorns. The combination of their explosive ordnance and excellent range make them one of the deadliest artillery types in Napoleon: Total War.

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