For the Napoleon: Total War version, see 18-lber Foot Artillery (Napoleon: Total War).

18-lber Foot Artillery
18-lber Foot Artillery
Belongs to Eastern and Indian Factions
Type Cannon Artillery
Guns 3
Firepower 33
Range 400
Accuracy 50
Reload 30
Morale 3
Tech requirement None
Produced from Gunnery School or higher
Shot Types Round Shot, Canister Shot, Shrapnel Shot
Cost 850 SP
Upkeep 210
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap None
18-lber Foot Artillery icon
18-lber Foot Artillery is a type of cannon artillery in Empire: Total War. They are the Ottoman equivalent to Western 12-lber Foot Artillery.


Foot artillery batteries are the core of an army on campaign: the weapons that win battles and batter down walls.

Despite the name, foot artillery batteries are towed by horses, not men. The artillerymen march alongside their pieces. All guns are smoothbore, and rated by the size or weight of the solid projectile that they fire: a 12-pounder is so called because it hurls a cannonball weighing 12 pounds towards the enemy! It may not do so very accurately, as the casting of barrels and balls means that there is inevitable a gap (windage) between a shot and the barrel sides. This means the cannonball rattles down the barrel when fired, leading to an inherent accuracy. As technology advances, other types of ammunition can be fired.

Historically, there was limited standardisation between guns, even in the same battery. Parts from one gun would not always fit a sister piece. A gunner would know the quirks of his own weapon intimidately. Cunningly, the French attempted to develop a system of interchangable components for all their guns and field equipment. Jean Baptiste Vaquette de Gribeauval (1715- 1789), the inspector of Artillery, tried but he wasn't entirely successful. Even after he had finished there were still more than 20 different types of wheel in use!

General InformationEdit

18-lbers are available to the Ottoman Empire at a technological stage in the game where the other nations have access to only 12-lber Foot Artillery, giving them a considerable advantage in terms of artillery firepower. Aside from this, they are identical in function to their western counterparts.

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