For the Empire: Total War unit, see Heavy First Rate.

122-gun Ship-of-the-Line
122-gun Ship-of-the-Line NTW
Belongs to Great Britain, France, and Spain
Crew 347
Guns 122 (57 on each side, 4 stern chasers, 4 bow chasers)
Firepower 3332
Range 450 (round shot)/350 (chain shot)/150 (grape shot)
Accuracy 20
Reloading skill 5
Hull strength 4000
Speed 12 (13)
Maneuverability Low
Morale 12
Produced from Drydock (France), Steam Drydock (Great Britain and Spain)
Cost 2790
Upkeep 690
Turns to Train 10
Unit Cap None
122-gun Ship-of-the-Line NTW Icon
The 122-gun Ship-of-the-Line, or 122-gun Heavy First Rate for Great Britain, is a type of ship of the line in Napoleon: Total War.


This costly, massive and powerful vessel carries 122 heavy guns, and has a hull capable of withstanding heavy broadsides.

Like most large ships-of-the-line, this vessel is a terrifying sight for enemies and with good reason: its broadside is enormous. Each side of the ship, let alone the whole thing, has more guns than many land armies can boast! Such firepower, however, makes the ship heavy and cumbersome under sail. This is little comfort to those caught by its broadside. Equally, the price of the vessel and its high upkeep costs are little comfort to enemies either.

Historically, ships as large and heavily protected as this over-sized first rate were incredibly expensive to maintain and required a large crew. They were often used as admiral’s flagships, as there was plenty of room for the admiral and his staff. The term flagship originates from the officers' custom of hanging distinctive pennants to denote their presence. These flags were often rather large: Lord Howe’s Union flag for use aboard his Royal Navy ship was 12-by-17 feet in size.

General InformationEdit

With the exception of the massive Santissima Trinidad, 122-gun ships-of-the-line are the most heavily armed ships in Napoleon: Total War. They pay for this with their exorbitantly high cost, as well as among the worst accuracy, reloading, and speed of any class of ship-of-the-line. With 122 guns, however, even the least accurate ship is bound to inflict heavy damage on its target, particularly if it is close. With the exception of the larger ships-of-the-line, no ship is able to withstand more than a couple of salvos from the 122-gun ships-of-the-line. Only France, Great Britain and Spain can build 122-gun ships-of-the-line: most other factions have to rely on the much smaller 74-gun ships-of-the-line instead, which don't stand a chance in a head on fight. In the end game, however, the weaknesses of the 122-gun ships-of-the-line are magnified with the advent of the speedy yet powerful steam powered ships, such as the 80-gun Steam Ship and the Ironclad.

Despite being such a large ship, 122-gun ships-of-the-line have a superior range for Chain Shot that is usually characteristic of much lighter ships. This means that 122-gun ships-of-the-line can, if they manage to maneuver their bulk correctly, rapidly destroy enemy sails from a safer distance than most ships of a similar size.

The 122-gun ship-of-the-lines' worst flaws are their very poor handling and speed. Lighter ships should be able to easily escape unless their sails were damaged first, and reposition themselves in a way so that they may fire on such behemoths without much fear of return fire. The very large size and slow speed of the 122-gun ships-of-the-line make them attractive targets for bomb ketches and rocket ships.

Some factions' ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed). Additionally, while most factions require steam drydocks to build the 122-gun ship-of-the-line, France may build them at drydocks, which they have immediate access to building at the beginning of the Europe Campaign. Great Britain, Spain and France begin the Europe campaign with one 122-gun ship-of-the-line each.

Faction Accuracy Reloading Hull Strength Speed Morale Cost
France 30 5 4000 13 12 2890 SP/3630 MP
Great Britain 20 15 4190 12 14 2790/3490 MP
Spain 20 5 4000 12 12 2840/3560 MP
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